As part of the design services, we will be able to provide the following:

SUBDIVISION DESIGN: The art form of subdivision seeks to create subdivisions from a larger land parcel in a manner that negotiates constraints and optimises the opportunities of the land, while maximising value and capability of the subject land.

We have a substantial experience in all fields of subdivision, be it residential, special-residential, industrial, commercial or rural land and manage subdivision projects from conception through to construction and completion.


STREETSCAPE DESIGN: Urban design and streetscape analysis ranges from the reconfiguration of public open spaces and associated community assets to regional projects such as revitalisation/creation of new town centres. Through streetscape analysis and utilising practical and carefully thought design mechanisms, streetscapes can be designed and planned to not only serve practical functions of accessibility and a platform for buildings but can create purposeful character by injecting vibrancy and personality into a streetscape area.


DESIGN GUIDELINES: Design guidelines are an excellent planning tool used to guide future development of  designated areas. Commonly, design guidelines will establish objectives and design criteria to provide a clear focus for developments to achieve.


RESEARCH & VALIDATION: We can provide specialist research and investigation regarding various aspects whether they relate to usability of public open spaces in a local area, or to the prospect of future urban growth areas.


SUBDIVISION SUCCESS: The art form of subdivision seeks to create lots from a larger land parcel in a manner that negotiates constraints and optimises the opportunities of the land, while maximising value and capability of the subject land. We are experienced in the subdivision process from concept designs through to obtaining approvals, coordinating construction and completion. I welcome projects of all scales, large, medium or small.

Masterplanning schemes are also a guideline document that Clients utilise to plan and manage the development. I have forefront experience in implementing town planning schemes and have an excellent understanding of the statutory planning function and the legal framework of planning schemes. We are highly experienced in the review and/or validate of masterplanning schemes and can ensure that effective and well-structured planning schemes are created to suit an environment.



Planning, also called urban planning or city and regional planning, is a dynamic profession that works to improve the  welfare of people and their communities by creating more convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive places for present and future generations.

Planning enables civic leaders, businesses, and citizens to play a meaningful role in creating communities that enrich people’s lives.

Good planning helps create communities that offer better choices for where and how people live. Planning helps community members envision the direction their community grow and will help them find the right balance of new development and essential services, protection of the environment, and innovative change.

Through out our extensive experience we established to respond to the dynamic and evolving requirements of our industry, as well as to navigate and help shape the direction of our industry in the future.

our experience in project design and delivery has always been revealed through an effective combination of management and technical expertise. One of our greatest strengths has been the use of integrated teams of specialists with different skills, who share a developed appreciation of each other’s approach.

Development Planning expertise yields invaluable input into the future of developments. Through this service we are able to promote economic growth and structural changes which lead to improved conditions for the populations which fill the urban areas we plan and develop. We are able to analyse and promote positive demographics for the communities surrounding and encompassed within these areas. Through our development and economics team we are able to assess local labour trends and market impacts, investment leverage and fiscal incentives, as well as a wide range of other socio-economic factors that play into the viability of these urban cities.


Advisory services include:

  • Project briefs, scope, and scale of projects
  • Project pre-development feasibility
  • Value design and engineer the asset to balance quality
  • Scheduling and sustainability considerations with a perspective on capital and operating costs
  • Provide Program Management


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Strategic Planning & Policy

Strategic Planning & Policy professionals work to help shape the political conversations’ which guide the agenda for our industry in the future. We work closely with government agencies and policy makers throughout the world to help establish the guidelines for urban developments.

Development Plans & Structure Plans

The planning realm often requires development plans and/or structure plans, as a precursor to the further subdivision and development of land. Development plans and/or structure plans explore the opportunities and constraints of a specified area and plans for appropriate land uses and transport systems to create functional and liveable neighbourhoods.

Regional & Local Planning Strategies

Regional and local planning strategies are often required to provide a strategic framework for the development and management of an area. The importance of understanding the demographics, trends and climate of an environment must be acknowledged when planning for the future. Regional and Local Planning Strategies understands and appreciates the history of an area, the climatic and demographic characteristics of an area and plans for the appropriate management of future growth and related considerations.

Urban & Regional Policy Development

Our staff possesses admirable experience garnered from within government and private sectors of planning.

As such, we have a very good understanding of the mechanics and implementation of urban and regional policy development and ensure that such policies are functional and effective for all spheres of the development industry.